Top 10 Interesting Ideas For Writing A Music Thesis

A thesis project on music elements can be interesting and fun to write about. You need to consider what you are learning about and what points you would like to express in your thesis. On the other hand this can be a challenge since there are different ideas you can choose to write about. Your interests will help you pick something based on your strengths. Here are 10 ideas to help you get insight on what you can come up with on your own for a good music thesis paper.

  1. 1. Copyrighting issues. Who writes songs you hear on the radio and how are copyright issues settled in the record business?

  2. 2. Royalties. How are royalties paid? What math helps determine how much a music artist, writer or producer is paid from one song or an entire album?

  3. 3. Top performers and how they remain relevant to their market. What elements make a music performer relevant to a large fan base?

  4. 4. Types of music. What are some of the most profitable genres? Which genre has the most music produced, created or made?

  5. 5. Most damaging music. How rap music is considered music? Why do people like to sing about body parts inappropriately? How did music become violent? Do songs make people feel bad about themselves?

  6. 6. Earlier forms of music. What was some of the most popular music decades ago? What genres of music did not exist years ago but produces millions in profits annually?

  7. 7. How technology plays a significant role in music distribution. How did the format of music distribution change over the years (a-track, CD, tape, digital download)? How is technology used to enhance a performer or a voice?

  8. 8. Why people can listen to certain songs over and over again without getting bored with it. What psychological means does music offer for people? How are people able to remember lyrics to an inappropriate song but often forget something more important such as paying a bill or taking medicine?

  9. 9. When songs should be banned. Are there songs that have been banned? If so why? When music is not considered freedom of expression?

  10. 10. When music helps cultures collide. How has culture and music come together in recent years? Can a culture be offended by music produced or created by another culture?

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