The Most In-Depth Guide To Dissertation Editing

A good dissertation is what you need to score good grades. Before you even start writing the dissertation, ask yourself what the dissertation needs to look like. A good dissertation;

Guide to dissertation editing

A lot of information on dissertation edition can be found on the web. We have simply rounded up the most important points to help you get started;

  1. 1. Helping the reader
  2. There are various ways of helping the reader make sense of what you’re trying to say. The first way is to use an appropriately structured system of headings. Headings in your thesis are like the street addresses on a major highway; they give the reader a clear direction of where you’re headed. If they get lost along the way, it becomes easier to find the way back. Moreover, you need to provide additional directions to help the reader easily navigate your content. For instance, instead of telling them to “Go to chapter four,” they should be able to know what to do on their own.

    • - Headers
    • Use headings to help the reader understand the organizational hierarchy of the thesis by indicating how the entire document is coordinated and sub-coordinated. Consider using headers 1, 2, 3 and even 4. All subheadings must be in italics.

    • - Directions
    • Providing directions are a bit complicated. A thesis is often very long. Whatever directions and signposts you give should guide the reader through your thought patterns at the macro level. This is what is called a “metadiscourse.” It refers to providing just enough guidance through commentary to guide the reader through your text.

    For example, you can start by saying “The focus of this essay…” and then proceed to disclose what you intend to cover in the essay. This way, the reader doesn’t have to feel the burden of unraveling the mystery behind your paper.

  3. 2. Organizing paragraphs and the rest of the document
  4. Of course, the fact that you have provided directions and used headings to provide guidance doesn’t mean that you should forget about the overall structure of your essay. You still need to pay keen attention to;

    1. 1. Defining your topics
    2. 2. Linking your ideas
    3. 3. Organizing your sentences and paragraphs
    4. 4. Integrating your presence in the text, and
    5. 5. Complying with style standards

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