How To Find Good Public Health Dissertation Ideas: Tips & Tricks

With the ease of traveling and differences in cultural ideologies of cleanliness, maintaining high standards of public health is more important than it ever has been. Some of the best graduate schools in the country offer advanced degrees in public health. As you prepare for your graduate dissertation, you will need to find a good topic that will show your dissertation committee that you are ready to move into the world of public health.

On your search for a good topic, there is a possibility that you might actually find more than one topic that interests you. If this happens, it is important to assess the quality of the topics and whether or not you can create something unique. Before you commit to a topic, you should investigate the topics that have already been submitted by looking through the dissertation database at your school. By looking through the topics, you might be inspired to make some subtle changes to the ones you are considering to make them truly your own.

If you are worried that your topics are too similar to ones that have already been written, the best thing to do is talk to your adviser for advice. Hopefully, your adviser will be able to direct you toward a topic that will interest you and help you earn top marks, too.

Here are a few topics that will hopefully inspire you:

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