Where To Search For A Dissertation Proposal Example In Nursing

Writing a dissertation proposal is a requirement that some universities have and some don’t have. If you are not asked to write it, but you still have some time, you can practice writing it, because it can be a useful experience and exercise in academic writing.

In general, a dissertation proposal is limited by 500-1,000 symbols and is supposed to match certain requirements. If you need to write it as a part of your dissertation submission, you’d better find out which requirements your university has for this paper.

Once you have learned what your dissertation proposal should be like, you can try searching for samples of this paper that will give you an idea of proper organization of this part of your work. There are several main places where you can find these samples for free or for a certain fee.

So, if you need a sample of a dissertation proposal in nursing, check out the following sources:

  1. 1. Ask your supervisor.
  2. Experienced supervisors who have already worked with other students and their projects surely have what you need. You should not fear to turn to your supervisor if you need a consultation or a part of somebody else’s works as a sample. What’s more, you will receive this sample for free, it will be of a high quality and related to nursing.

  3. 2. Go to a library.
  4. There are hundreds of samples of such proposals related to nursing in the library of your university. Not all of them are digitized, so you can take copies of these papers and use them as samples of organization of your own project.

  5. 3. Talk to your friends fellow students.
  6. In case they have already completed their projects, you can ask them to give you samples that they have used to compose their own proposals. Sometimes, they can give you a piece of advice where to search for reliable samples.

  7. 4. Search on the Web.
  8. The Internet is a huge database of diverse academic papers that can be useful for you. If you start a focused and accurate search, you will find tons of reliable and helpful samples of academic papers in nursing.

  9. 5. Use professional writers.
  10. If you are ready to pay, you can buy samples of academic papers of all kinds from professional writers who are available on the Web. If not, you can use free samples of their work that they display at their websites as a kind of portfolio. Anyway, you will receive a high quality sample.

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