A Complete Tutorial On Writing A Ph.D. Dissertation Introduction

When you start working on your Ph.D. dissertation, introduction is the first and the last thing you deal with. As soon as your scientific supervisor has approved the research topic, you have to rally your thoughts and make an introduction to your future thesis work.

Think Over the Problem Statement and the Purpose of Your Research

First of all, you should underline the topic and the goal of your research. Tell what the object of your dissertation is and why you have chosen it. Then analyze the literature on the topic and prove that it is a burning problem, which has not been investigated in a proper manner. Lay emphasis on the fact that you are the pioneer in this line of research. After that explain, how and with the help of which scientific methods and approaches you are going to reach your goal.

Assign the Theoretical and Practical Value of Your Work

Prove the academic novelty of your thesis clearly and intelligibly. Tell, what results you want to achieve and where and how they can be used by other scientists. Don’t forget to mention the methods you utilized and the experiments you set up.

Give a Short Outline of Your Dissertation

Describe, what you are going to investigate and what you hope to find out in the end, but don’t lay your cards on the table, giving too many details, as the major points of your scientific research should be revealed in the main body of your paper. It should be clear, that your thesis is a completely independent and interesting research paper which will contribute to the branch of knowledge you have chosen. Don’t proceed to the conclusion, as it will be the last chapter of your Ph.D. thesis.

Mind the Scientific Style

Use facts and figures, tight arguments and scientific lexis. Write in minimalist, comprehensible sentences. Don’t use more than 3-4 citations per page and avoid expressive means and stylistic devices. Don’t exceed 3-4 pages, check every word and make certain that you have pointed out everything important.

Rewrite and Adjust Your Introduction as Appropriate

You must return to it after every chapter of your Ph.D. dissertation and especially after the conclusion, as all the goals you set in the beginning must be reached in the end. Besides, try to make this part of your paper easy readable and interesting, as most scholars thumb through the first few pages and only then decide, whether your thesis work is worth reading.

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Writing a decent PhD dissertation

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