Persuasive Essay Thesis Topic Ideas: 20 Interesting Suggestions

One of the most common writing assignments is the persuasive essay. With this type of writing, the student must persuade the reader to a specific viewpoint. Basically, the student must choose a thesis statement and then make an argument that supports it. Since this type of writing generally accounts for a large portion of the student's grade, students should spend extra time on this paper to make sure that everything is perfect. To get some topic ideas, students can check out some of the thesis statements on the following list.

Persuasive Thesis Topic Ideas

  1. Has the international image of the United States been positively or negatively impacted by the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars?
  2. Is the death penalty an effective way to prevent crime from occurring?
  3. Have the baby boomers been a generally positive or negative influence on United States history?
  4. Is it ethical to exhume the bodies of famous people once they have died? Should bodies ever be moved to a new location after they are buried?
  5. Is plastic surgery helping to improve beauty or does it destroy it?
  6. What is the line between protecting animal rights and being realistic? Can people wear furs? Can they eat meat? Should animals be used for medical research?
  7. Should polygamists be allowed to have more than one wife?
  8. Do private prisons play a role in our society? Do they have a useful purpose or could the United States perform the same actions?
  9. Should all murderers be given the death penalty?
  10. Are atheists still able to have a moral and ethical foundation?
  11. Do you believe that there is such a thing as art for the masses? Is there a type of art that is more elite?
  12. Should marijuana be legalized on a national or state level?
  13. Should sexual education be taught in high school, middle school, elementary school or college?
  14. Being vegetarian is better for animals and more environmentally friendly. Should everyone be required to be vegetarian?
  15. In the past, French prisoners were marked with a tattoo to show that they had been in prison. Today, some Asian nations till cut off the right hand of a thief. Theoretically, maiming the body of a criminal helps to alert others to their crime and deter future criminals. Would physical changes like tattoos and amputations actual deter criminals? Is it fair to maim someone for life as a punishment for a single act?
  16. Since eating helps to fuel brain activity, should students be given snacks during their standardized tests?
  17. Instead of teaching in a brick-and-mortar classroom, should schools hand out iPads with pre-taped video lectures for the school year? Should high school or middle school students do their schooling virtually?
  18. Should the driving and the drinking ages be switched?
  19. Should gambling remain legal in the United States? Are there any justifications for keeping casinos and lotteries in business?
  20. Is there ever a good reason for cheating or lying?

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