Choosing Interesting Dissertation Topics On Educational Leadership

If you are writing your dissertation one of the most difficult aspects at the beginning of this long and arduous process is selecting your topic. Selecting the dissertation topic is a unique process because you will spend more time with your dissertation topic than you have ever spent with any other topic in the past. That is why is incredibly important that you pick something which actually appeals to you. But not only should your topic appeal to you on a personal level it should also be something that contributes or somehow improves your subject area. The purpose of the dissertation is to prove that you can conduct thorough research on your own and provide something profound to your industry. If you pick a topic which is already been covered by another researcher you won't have the depth for the analysis that you need to really convince your dissertation committee that you deserve to progress in the industry.

You want to make sure you are passionate about the topic you select too, since you will be working with it for quite some time and the more passionate you are, the more it will show in your writing. Consider the following:

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Writing a decent PhD dissertation

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