Key Points Of Writing A Dissertation Abstract

Writing your dissertation is hard enough but your abstract for your dissertation has to give just as much information on the topic on the dissertation in a small amount of words. Most schools want your dissertation abstract to be between two hundred and three hundred and fifty words but you should check with your advisor so you don’t write too much or too little for it. There are some components that every dissertation abstract should have, this components will ensure that you have all of the information about your dissertation and that it won’t be too long or short.

What To Include In Your Dissertation Abstract

These four components should make writing your dissertation abstract easier. If you follow them, you won’t get lost writing it. Remember that your abstract has to be only a few hundred words, so you want to get to the point and don’t add information that isn’t pertinent to your research or study of the topic. That is one of the most common mistakes in an abstract, is using too many words to tell the read a general summary of the dissertation that they are about to read. Also remember if your dissertation is published this is the piece of work that researchers will read before they read your entire dissertation.

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Writing a decent PhD dissertation

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