How To Choose A Successful Dissertation Topic In Finance

This is one of the most difficult subjects in which to find the perfect dissertation topic. While your intention is writing a paper of interest to the reader, the ratio of words to numbers in finance makes achieving an ideal balance very hard. So, can you make a number based paper appealing? The solution is in balancing the words and numbers carefully while the problem is still remaining factual and accurate. Using fewer numbers and more words will encourage people to continue reading; if you use numbers for their “shock value” this can help immensely.

Another important consideration in choosing your project is considering employability – the whole aim of your degree work is hopefully finding a career at the end of it. Your work will advertize your skills. Also, keep in mind how much help your supervisor can offer you on your chosen subject.

If you check through past research papers, a new slant on an old idea might present itself. The huge range of topics that are suitable for study in this field do not make your choice any easier. Newspapers and financial journals are also places worth searching through when you are looking for your topic. Your course work might hold something that will point you in the direction of the ideal subject for study.

Your basic idea must be simple but not superficial.

Enthusiasm about your choice is necessary. This is going to be a lot of work; it will seem even harder if you are not enjoying it.

Here are a few areas where you might want to start looking

  1. 1. Budget planning for natural disasters in developing countries
  2. 2. Compare the differences between a Western economy and an Eastern economy
  3. 3. Discuss whether peer to peer loans affects international development?
  4. 4. Are the countermeasures designed for electronic transactions sufficient to counter the threats?
  5. 5. Discuss whether the “price war” between different chains affected supermarkets?
  6. 6 .Should marketing strategies be changed to harmonize with consumer culture in the Global Market?
  7. 7. Adaptations of financial institutes in the wake of the financial crisis of 2008
  8. 8. Analyze the extent to which the leadership culture contributed to the financial crisis of 2008
  9. 9. Explore the methods adopted by business to adapt to environmental issues and remain competitive
  10. 10. Has e-marketing lost its power to influence the internet consumer?

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