8 Mistakes To Avoid While Writing A Dissertation Proposal

A dissertation is a big and complicated research that demands a lot of time and attention. The smallest mistake can cause a lot of correction, hard work and time. That’s why it’s very important to do everything carefully, accurately and effectively from the very start. There are certain parts of the project that demand special attention, being quite complicated for most students. These parts should be written with special care and under the supervision of the professor who will point out mistakes and show how to do everything correctly.

Below, you will find a short overview of the most common mistakes to avoid in the process of writing a dissertation proposal.

  1. 1. Formatting mistakes.
  2. Never start writing your proposal if you have no clear idea of how it should be done correctly. It causes a lot of additional work and corrections that eat away time.

  3. 2. Making it too long and boring.
  4. The proposal should not be long and vague. Your goal is to tell your readers what they can find in the project and why it’s novel for its area. Before you start writing, you should gather and analyze all the data that you have, choose several catchy facts and put them in your proposal.

  5. 3. Poor grammar and spelling.
  6. You need to check and then double-check the text to discover all the spelling mistakes and then to find all the passages that need to be rewritten. These are usually “empty” passages that contain no useful information, terms that need long additional explanation, too complicated constructions, etc.

  7. 4. Usage of Web samples instead of your own work.
  8. Your project is your project, so if you copy down even one page, it will stop being your, it will become plagiarism and kill your entire career.

  9. 5. Passages from the main body.
  10. Never use passages from the main body in the abstract. Make sure that you paraphrase them in case you have no other way. Make your abstract stand alone separately from the body.

  11. 6. Writing it as a plan.
  12. The proposal is not a plan to your work. It’s a summary of the project, which shows it upon the whole rather than representing stages of the research.

  13. 7. Writing it as an intro.
  14. It’s not an introduction. It’s a brief summary of your work that does not introduce anything.

  15. 8. Writing it before the research is done.
  16. There can be no good proposal until the research is done to the end and there are certain results.

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