20 Good Dissertation Topics On Politics To Help You Get Started

There are various factors that affects political situation of any country. Various terrorist attacks, increase in environmental pollution, taxes, high corruption level, bureaucracy, regulations and deregulations etc are some of the hotly debated political topics often faced by any country.

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  1. What according to you is the most terrific event that has strained international relations since 2012?
  2. What do you think about the event of 9/11? Has it improved or strained relations at international level?
  3. Discuss the most important achievements experienced so far by the European Union?
  4. How Cold war started? How it has created differences in the relations between various countries?
  5. How United States has been successful in offering the compensations against the threat of Soviet Union?
  6. How nuclear weapons have affected international relations?
  7. How European Union plays a vital role in influencing the relations with their existing members? How its role is important?
  8. In the complex political scenario, can international law be universally applied?
  9. What are some of the effective reforms implemented to elevate international standards?
  10. How US actions in Iraq and Afghanistan have been legitimate? Why United States is considered as a successful enforcement agency? Discuss with examples.
  11. Are the actions formulated and implanted by United States always legitimate even when it is the matter of forming international relations. How US have forcefully brought its powers into practice?
  12. What do you think- whose policies are better? The policies formulated by Labor government or that of Conservative government?
  13. Is the approach of Britain has put the country into trouble burgeoning economic and social issues while trying to be closer with Europe? How?
  14. Throw flash of light on the statement-“Britain’s foreign policy objectives have always been confined and incomplete and have not brought any significant transformation “.
  15. How Africa has been a topic of discussion for the Western world?
  16. What are the primary reasons of conflicts between African countries and Western countries? How their relationships have changed over a period of time?
  17. Has Cold war always experienced by all the countries since ages?
  18. . Comment-“Past relations have always prevented Russia to maintain distance from the Western countries”?
  19. How China is a big threat to western countries? How western politics and standards have influenced China?
  20. How Western countries have turned successful in resolving the issues of Arab with Israeli?

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