A Comprehensive Political Science Dissertation Writing Guide

The goal of a dissertation is to create an original piece on a particular topic such as political science. A dissertation is an indication of a substantial work that that to be done in an undergraduate program. This can be quite a challenge for many students but on the other hand it can be very rewarding. This is because unlike assignments and essay, it is the student who chooses a topic that they have an interest in and the student is able to work at his or her own pace.

If you want to write a dissertation on political science, you will need to do a lot of planning. You will also require enough research skills. Ensure that you make the right choice of a subtopic in political science. Choose a question/ topic that is sufficiently focus to ensure that you have a reference for the literature research as well as interest and understanding in the theory behind the topic.

General guidelines

In most cases, your college or university will offer you a direction on the right approach for writing your dissertation. However, there are several general guidelines that will help you in writing the dissertation. These include:

Organizing your time

No matter how organized you may be, you will find that writing the dissertation will prove to be among the most challenging task that you will ever undertake. You will need to have important skills such as project planning, organizational skills, project management and time management skills. These skills will help you in organizing your ideas and time.

General structure

Ensure that your dissertation is made of three parts. These are:

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Writing a decent PhD dissertation

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