Great Instructions On How To Find Thesis Examples To Help You Write Your Own Paper:

The thesis statement in any type of academic paper is a wonderfully crucial part of each assignment that you write. The thesis statement is what draws the readers into the direct purpose of why it is that you are writing about what you are writing. That being said, it’s extremely important that your thesis statements are the best that they can be! Sometimes, when we are at a loss of what to write, having a compelling thesis example can help you generate and formulate an excellent paper! Here are some great instructions on how to find thesis examples to help you write your own papers:

Finding a thesis example can be quite easy; every great paper that has ever been written has one! When you are trying to come up with a great thesis for your paper, it is always a great idea to do some research and read different papers of varying topics to see the impacts that different types of thesis statements have upon the reader. To rephrase that a little bit: find out what examples of thesis statements really POP for you. Which thesis statements grab your attention the most? By reading a range of varying papers with gripping thesis statements, you will start to see a formula, so to speak, of successful thesis statements.

Of course, when we see a thesis statement on another paper that we really like, that DOES not mean that we steal the thesis statement or the idea. That means that once we’ve gotten our inspiration from our favorite thesis statements, it’s time to use those ideas we’ve seen to create our own.

  1. 1. First:
    • PURPOSE: Think long and hard about WHY you are even writing a paper in the first place; what do you want to say to your readers?
    • PLACEMENT: Your thesis statement should be located in your first paragraph; towards the end to be specific. You want to use your thesis statement as a great transition from your attention-grabbing opening sentence to the beginning of your body paragraphs.
  2. 2. Second:
    • BE CLEAR: Your thesis statement is supposed to be a clear and direct sentence that tells the reader EXACTLY what you are planning on writing about.
    • FORMULATE: Using your formula, create your thesis statement!
  3. 3. Third:

Build an awesome paper around what you’ve created!

Have at it!

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