A Guide To Dissertation Writing: Common Rules To Be Observed

After years of college, you must be tired and worn out from the early mornings of lectures and the late nights of alcohol. Finally, it is all almost over; all you have to do is complete your dissertation and you're out. But writing a dissertation in not an easy task. To produce a truly great final paper, one must be sure that everything that makes an essay great comes together in the perfect balance. There is no easy way to do this, but there are some common rules which, if properly adhered to, will help you post a dissertation you can be proud of.

  1. Paragraph structure
    • Before you begin writing your dissertation, you should master the art of paragraph structuring. Each paragraph should contain one point, introduced in the first two line and elaborated on for the duration of the paragraph.
    • Your introduction should never be as long as your main paragraphs. If you write a long introduction, your paragraphs will seem short and lazy.
  2. Grammar
    • As with any essay, correct grammar and spelling are essential in your dissertation. You my want to make use of spellcheck, perhaps even an actual, physical dictionary.
    • It is unadvisable to use gender specific pronouns in a dissertation. Instead of he/she, you should be using "one".
  3. List your sources
    • As you research your chosen dissertation topic, you will encounter a number of different sources of information. You should make sure to take note of each one as you will have to include it later on.
    • You may want to list any major sources as footnotes. These are placed at the bottom of each page where sourcing is necessary. Sources included as footnotes should still be included as part of your bibliography.
  4. Check for plagiarism
    • If there is one thing you really don't want to do in college, it's be found guilty of plagiarising. Plagiarising in college can land you in serious trouble; not only will you fail your essay, but you also run the possibility of being expelled.
    • Many students try using online plagiarism detectors which will tell them if any of the passages in their work have been printed before.
  5. Proofread
    • Once your dissertation is finished, remember to reread it to make sure you haven't made any mistakes.
    • You should never choose to avoid doing this in the hopes that you will not have to rewrite your dissertation.

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