What Should I Do To Create A Dissertation Proposal Outline

Dissertation outlines are used to for research and collecting data. There are four sections that are covered when writing an outline for writing a dissertation, and also a comparison with Qualitative outlines.

This paper will give you some specific guidelines in regards to writing a dissertation proposal outline.

The Introduction

The introduction will focus on the problem discussing the background, and the statement. It also focuses on what is the purpose, the framework, and what are the hypotheses of the research. The introduction should also address the importance, and scope of the study, and what will be the definition of the terms.


This section deals with the materials involved, and the relevance to the outline. The focus may be on one major source, though there can be additional material involved if it is relevant to the main topic.


The research methods can involve research design, participants, and instrumentation. It also involves the procedures involved, and the pilot testing, and the analysis of Data. The final points would be both the assumptions, and limitations of the study. This section would address the results of the findings of the study, how these findings were reached, and the logical arguments if how these conclusions were made.


This section focuses on the summary, conclusions, and suggestions for Future Research. It summarizes what this study had focused, and how it may contribute towards future research.

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Writing a decent PhD dissertation

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