Basic Instructions On How To Compose A Dissertation Introduction

The introduction to your dissertation serves as the most important part of your researched piece. This is because the introduction encapsulates the central idea presented in your article or thesis. It also reflects your personal views and show how you have dealt with the topic. On the other hand, it presents the topic at hand against a larger context which many of your readers can easily relate to. In short, the introduction is the trailer to your researched paper. You should, therefore, take utmost care while writing an introduction to the essay you are writing.

Here are the most basic instructions for you in case you are trying to write down the introduction part of your essay or research paper.

Keep it short and snappy

No one reads a lengthy introduction. In theory, the introduction should not be more than a few sentences long. Therefore, you need to put the gist of your research paper in the introduction. Keep in mind that the dissertation introduction should not contain irrelevant or out-of-context information. You can start with a piece of information that instantly arouses interest in your readers and then move on.

Lead your reader inside

After grabbing the attention of your reader, lead him inside. This means the attention grabbing piece of information or statistical data would work as an opening. You should then help connect the reader with the main topic. This is a very tricky thing to do since you are in fact taking your reader on a tour and making him read the full introduction is just the beginning. Therefore, you should not distract the reader. Instead, you need to add flesh to the bones.

Closing the introduction

You need to close the introduction with the thesis statement. Basically, the sentences and arguments preceding the statement would culminate in the statement itself. This makes your introduction look complete and your readers would also understand that a whole lot of research has gone into the project. They will also understand which direction you have tried to pick up.

Keeping your grammar and sentence structure perfect is one of the many must-dos while writing your introduction. Keep in mind that if your introduction works as a turn-off for your reader, you will probably not be able to keep his interest alive through the rest. Therefore, thorough checking your facts and grammar is highly necessary before you submit your paper.

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