Writing A PhD Dissertation Proposal: Does It Take A Lot Of Time?

Writing the PhD dissertation proposal has the main objective of convincing your professor that your topic has value. Furthermore, you also need to show that you have a chance of successfully completing the dissertation. Afterall, a professor wouldn’t want to fund a project that hasn’t got a real chance of being completed. Whether or not the dissertation will take a lot of time will depend on a few factors.

What To Include In PhD Dissertation

There are a number of topics that need to be covered in the PhD dissertation proposal. These include: title, abstract, introduction, objectives, literature review, statement of research question, methods that will be used, results, conclusion and bibliography.

From that list one might conclude that the proposal will take a long time to complete because many different elements need to be considered.

How Well Do You Know The Topic?

Those who have chosen a topic they don’t know too much about, yet have chosen it simply because they have an interest will struggle to come up with a PhD dissertation proposal quickly. On the other hand, those who have a lot of experience with the dissertation topic can get away with spending less time.

There is a case to be made for spending extra time to polish your proposal even if you do know the topic well. Afterall, it’s better to spend a little extra effort getting it right as opposed to regretting that you did not if it were to get rejected.

Research Takes Time

The best PhD dissertation proposals are ones where a lot of research has taken place. Good quality research shows not only expertise towards the subject, but it also shows that there is genuine enthusiasm. If you can convey your enthusiasm towards the subject through in-depth research then your professor is more likely to get enthusiastic about the project themselves.

Unfortunately, good quality research takes time, and in some cases a lot of time. Therefore, we can summarise that writing a PhD proposal will take less time if you know the subject well, but will still take a significant amount of time due to the research demands. Fortunately, if you are truly enthusiastic about the subject that you want to write the dissertation on, then the time spent writing it will seem like a labour of love – not a chore.

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Writing a decent PhD dissertation

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