Professional Dissertation Editing Instructions For Students

When a student takes on a professional dissertation, a number of things must be taken into consideration. Editing a dissertation, although similar to a regular paper, has to be carefully monitored as this is usually the defining paper a student will have to use in order to be granted their doctorate in their given field of studies. The following list is a concise and simple guideline to editing a dissertation:


One of the biggest concerns when writing any paper is proofreading. Even if the paper a student has to submit is over 50 pages, they must ensure that they have used all the proper terminologies, that their point is well spoken on, well researched and written grammatically correct.

Research Proof

The biggest blunder that could happen during a dissertation besides plagiarizing someone else’s work is proving a point that already exists using the same reasoning. If a student wrote exactly what another student wrote exactly 20 years ago, besides the obvious need to cite that person’s work, the student is more than likely to be disappointed that they spent countless hours doing all that research when it was right in front of them the entire time.

Committee Proofreading

When a student presents their dissertation, they have to do it in front of the entire instructional department. The best way to ensure that this paper is of sound quality is to seek the advice of people that have already written a dissertation, if not multiple. These people are not only subject matter experts, but they are being paid to teach students the information being regurgitated back to them in a thesis.

Statistics/Qualitative Analysis

In order to prove to the committee that this dissertation is written professionally and with effort is to ensure the statistics or qualitative analysis in the body of the text, or both, is accurate and well represented. If a specific religion or race is left out of a survey, the student needs to ensure it is explained throughout the text as to why it is missing.


The most important piece of advice for students editing their dissertation is confidence. In order to prove a student has put the time and energy into their paper is to write and speak with confidence. Ph Ds are not given to the timid and the shy, but rather to the intellectual and confident. If a scientific theory was proven wrong, students must stand behind their convictions with proof and words to obtain the years’ worth of effort.

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