20 Brilliant Psychology Undergraduate Dissertation Ideas

Landing the right topic for your psychology dissertation at an undergraduate level can be tantamount to scoring great grades. But how exactly can you do this. The best idea is to start by skipping and skimming across some topics. You may look closer to this site to find out new and emerging topic ideas for your dissertation. Here are some we collected.

Interesting ideas on Psychology dissertation topics

  1. 1. Pain perceptions: the role played by different emotional states in combination to contributory expectations
  2. 2. Consciousness dimensions: how objectively measured ideas can become supportive pillars to other approaches toward consciousness
  3. 3. How does the modular brain view limit cross modulation and information processing?
  4. 4. Direct and indirect theories of perception: are these incompatible with one another in view of the recently developed enactive theories
  5. 5. Intergroup cognition: how the implicit access moulds social learning and creates a sense of disillusionment
  6. 6. Bilingual and Trilingual studies: how can the studies of different languages train the infant brain to learn and work with several different perception codes at the same time
  7. 7. The “grandmother cells”: is the concept applicable any more than the information processing constantly occurring in the visual cortex of our brain
  8. 8. Anxiety and emotional disorders: how these related to an impairment in social cognition when viewed upon with a holistic angle
  9. 9. Understanding the complex neural mechanisms and how they affect visual processing in an implicit manner
  10. 10. Even-response segmentation: the neural processing responsible for the act: how casue and effect can be treated separately
  11. 11. Consciousness: an explanation into the explicit processes surrounding it
  12. 12. Prefrontal cortex: is there more to it that what meets the eye?
  13. 13. Prefrontal cortex: exploring its functions by analysing how it is related to other areas of the brain
  14. 14. How can language be explained alternatively with regard to the prefrontal cortex
  15. 15. Network theories concerning neural pathways: how are they important
  16. 16. A map of the information flows through sensory-specific regions to higher parts of the brain: what is what
  17. 17. Higher cortex functions: how does the cerebellum play [its part
  18. 18. How it is adult human brain limited in its plasticity
  19. 19. Is the brain function best depicted through MRI Studies? Is there scope for better future technology?
  20. 20. The different working styles of the two hemispheres of brain: how is the differentiation pivotal to understanding the basic function of the brain?

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