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Wring a dissertation can be a challenging academic requirement. It can take months for you to finish and this may take months and uncountable sleepless nights. However, one of the ways that you can make the whole work of writing a dissertation easy is by find a good dissertation template. If you are wondering where to get a good dissertation template, here are a few tips from ThesisGeek.

Check with your department

There are some departments where you are required to use a certain format when submitting the dissertation. This means that you will need to check with them. Ensure that you follow a template that is formatted in a particular word processing program. There are many instances when students will download a wrong format or requires to scramble during the last days trying to find the right format.

Seek for templates from your advisors

Incase there is no standard template in the department; it is advisable to check with an advisor to find out if there is a particular format that they prefer. This isn’t as difficult as it may seem but you will need to take whatever action that you deem necessary to ensure that you make your advisors happy. There are many times when you will find that even some simple measures such as presenting the work in the preferred way can go a long way in ensuring that you win the favor of the defense.

Download from the website of the school

You can find a dissertation template that has been posted by your school in its main website. In most cases, this is just but a generic one that can be used in different disciplines. In case, you take the time to check the details of the template, you will find some standard templates that are available in other schools. The good thing with the universal template is that unlike the strict departmental one, it becomes possible for other institution to include the template in the database.

Look for universal templates online

You can also do a standard online search for an universal template. You will find that the template is also similar to the standard template that can be downloaded from the main website of the school. The universal templates will have a space where you can enter details such as the school information on cover page. With these tips, you can get a good dissertation template.

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