The Top 20 Interesting Dissertation Topics On Advertising

Some things need little introduction so without further ado, her are twenty of the top topics someone in your field might consider for a dissertation:

  1. 1. Sex sells: How the female form is exploited in the promotion of materialistic culture

  2. 2. The unreal: How advertising asks viewers to suspend disbelief in their presentation of hygiene related products

  3. 3. Music magic: The reason commercials for pharmaceuticals play soothing tunes while listing contraindications

  4. 4. Linking the disparate: The use of storytelling to make people associate good feelings with unrelated products

  5. 5. Can an aging brand find new life with a modern logo and a new target market (make reference to a specific company)

  6. 6. The power of ‘cute’: How marketing teams can use rounded edges and baby-like proportions to enhance the appeal of any product.

  7. 7. Propaganda vs Public Relations: How advertising politically grew out of mass brain washing campaigns

  8. 8. How does the use of psychological theories shape the methods employed by modern ad executives?

  9. 9. Is the newspaper still a viable means of advertising in the postmodern digital age?

  10. 10. How have ad agencies responded to claims that homogenous beauty standards are being promoted in marketing?

  11. 11. How effective is the power of suggestion in convincing people that identical products actually contain subtle differences?

  12. 12. How effective is advertising in creating demand for Western products among tribes that live in isolation from the modern world?

  13. 13. The History: How the modern concept of marketing evolved from its humble beginnings

  14. 14. Competitive Advantage: How the perfect commercial can cause a leader to emerge in a sea of similar brands

  15. 15. Counter Attacks: A look at the use of one commercial to successfully mock or undervalue another

  16. 16. Product Placement: A detailed listing of the most and least successful examples in the industry

  17. 17. How has the spread of internet access changed the way people learn about products?

  18. 18. Has the use of pop-up ads and other cheap marketing techniques diminished the traditional value of the industry?

  19. 19. The unknown: How can future ad executives break new ground in the field of advertising?

  20. 20. Will the use of online streaming sites make commercial breaks a thing of the past?

Some of these would necessitate a great deal of research and fact checking in order to be done to the best possible standard. At the end of this, however, you would most likely have a paper that any lecturer would be riveted by.

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