Dissertation Wtiring Guidelines: How To Make Citations Properly

Writing a dissertation can be one of the most rewarding experience that any student can complete. The feeling of accomplishment is pure joy and cannot be replicated by many other activities. Students who have completed a dissertation know all about the minute details and lengthy hours of researching and organizing. Even if it has been years since the dissertation was completed, graduates remember all of the challenges that often resulted in sleepless nights. Students who are in the throngs of the dissertation are also well aware of the challenges that come with writing this lengthy paper. Many of them need help with the citations.

Get Your Own Writing Guide

Since a dissertation is a lengthy research paper, it is important that students include the correct citations in the text and in the bibliography. Every student who works on a dissertation should receive a writing guide from their curricular department. This guide will include the procedures for writing the dissertation and the required formatting guidelines. The guidelines will determine what type of citations are needed in the dissertation.

Learn the Formatting Style that Was Assigned

The most common citation styles are MLA, APA, and Chicago Style. The MLA (Modern Language Association) style is used in language arts and liberal arts courses. The APA (American Psychological Association) is used in social sciences like psychology. The Chicago Style is used in many other curricular areas. If you are not assigned one of these commonly used styles, you might be assigned more specific styles like those created for Biology - the CBE (Council of Biology Editors), or the American Mathematical Association, the AMA. The styles were created to promote standardization in the way that academic papers look when they are submitted for publication.

What Most Styles Have in Common

Most of the citation styles include the author’s name, the title of the work, the year and place of publication, and the pages that are accessed. Online sources are cited differently than print and visual sources, so be sure you are following the instructions carefully. Many instructors will deduct significant amounts of points after a few careless errors. If you are in doubt about the way a citation should look, you can always check it on a citation-making website. Many of these allow you to enter a URL and the app will populate the template and create a free, perfect citation in just a few seconds.

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Writing a decent PhD dissertation

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